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Suspect impetigo? Can Touchwood Pharmacy in Walsall help?

Absolutely! Our trained pharmacists at all Touchwood Pharmacy Walsall branches are now qualified to diagnose and treat impetigo through the Pharmacy First service. No GP appointment needed!

What areas are covered by the Touchwood Pharmacy impetigo service?

Hold on to your hats, residents of Bloxwich, Willenhall, Wednesbury, Great Barr, and beyond! Touchwood Pharmacy Walsall is here to the rescue with the Pharmacy First Impetigo Service, offering fast and convenient treatment without the GP queue. In fact, our branches in Walsall welcome patients from across England to the Pharmacy First impetigo service.

Can my child access Pharmacy First for Impetigo in Walsall?

“Absolutely! The Pharmacy First Impetigo service at Touchwood Pharmacy Walsall is available for individuals of all ages, including children. In fact, impetigo is quite common in children, so we’re well-equipped to handle situations like yours.
Remember, early diagnosis and treatment are crucial for impetigo, especially in children. So, feel free to bring your child to your nearest Touchwood Pharmacy Walsall branch for a quick and convenient assessment.”

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