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How can I prevent insect bites from getting infected?

“• Clean insect bites gently with soap and water.
• Avoid scratching or picking at the bite.
• Cover the bite with a loose bandage to prevent scratching.
• Apply a topical antibiotic ointment.
• Watch for signs of infection and if necessary visit Touchwood Pharmacy Camberley for the Pharmacy First Infected Insect Bite Service”

How long does a Pharmacy First consultation typically take for infected insect bites?

The consultation time may vary depending on the complexity of your case and workload at the pharmacy. It’s usually a quick and efficient process.

What type of infected insect bites can the Pharmacy First service treat?

Most insect bites or stings that you’ll find across in Surrey can usually be treated by Touchwood Pharmacy Camberley including;
• Mosquitoes
• Spiders
• Bees
• Wasps
• And more
Whether you’ve been bitten or stung in Farnborough, Crowthorne, Sandhurst or anywhere else, then visit Camberley for Infected Insect Bite treatment with Pharmacy First and Touchwood Pharmacy.


Call today or book your appointment online for Pharmacy First Infected Insect Bite Service Camberley Touchwood Pharmacy