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Should I avoid certain foods while my insect bite is healing?

There’s no evidence that specific foods affect insect bite healing. However, maintaining a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can support your immune system’s response.

What over-the-counter options are available for insect bite treatment in Slough?

Touchwood Pharmacy Cippenham in Slough offers an extensive array of over-the-counter options for insect bite treatment. Our inventory includes well-known brands and trusted products, ensuring that individuals in Slough have access to high-quality remedies for insect bites. If our pharmacists think you will need more stronger antibiotic treatment, we can also provide it for you without a prescription.

Can I get NHS-recommended bite cream without seeing a GP in Slough?

Our Pharmacy First Service at Touchwood Pharmacy Slough Cippenham allows you to access NHS-recommended bite creams without the need to wait for a GP appointment. This convenient service ensures that residents in Slough, Burnham, Taplow and further regions can promptly obtain the necessary treatments for insect bites without unnecessary delays from the GP.


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