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What should I do if I think my insect bite is infected?

“• Wash the bite with soap and water.
• Apply a warm compress to reduce swelling.
• Elevate the bitten area.
• Avoid scratching the bite, which can worsen the infection.
• Visit Touchwood Pharmacy Streatham for the Pharmacy First Infected Insect Bite service”

What exactly can I expect from the Pharmacy First service at Touchwood Pharmacy Streatham?

One of our qualified pharmacists will examine and assess your infected insect bite, discuss symptoms, and potentially offer treatment options like topical antibiotics or other remedies. If your symptoms require further treatment, then the pharmacist will refer you to a GP or A&E in nearby Norbury, Clapham or West Norwood.

Is there a cost for Pharmacy First consultations at Touchwood Pharmacy Streatham?

The Pharmacy First service is free of charge for eligible patients. It is provided by the NHS. You don’t even need to live in South London. All NHS patients in England can access the Pharmacy First service at Touchwood Pharmacy Streatham (SW16).


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