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Can I get serious complications from an infected insect bite?

In rare cases, infected insect bites can lead to serious complications like cellulitis, sepsis, and allergic reactions. Seek immediate medical attention if you experience severe symptoms.

What type of infected insect bites can be treated through Pharmacy First at Touchwood Pharmacy Sydenham?

Most infected insect bites in Sydenham can generally be treated by the Pharmacy First Infected Insect bite service. This includes most common insects like mosquitoes, spiders, bees, and wasps, if the infection is mild and uncomplicated.

What treatments can you provide under Pharmacy First at Touchwood Pharmacy Sydenham branches?

The Pharmacy First service allows our pharmacists to offer various options like:
• Over-the-counter painkillers for discomfort.
• Antibiotics to fight the infection.
• Antihistamines to reduce itching and swelling.
• Advice on wound care and preventing further infection.
Our expert team will examine your symptoms and make a recommendation based on your individual circumstances.


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