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Is tingling or burning pain in a band-like pattern on your side a sign of shingles?

Absolutely! Shingles often presents as a rash accompanied by burning, tingling, or itching pain on one side of your torso, face, or scalp. If you suspect shingles, see your doctor or head to Touchwood Pharmacy Bromley.

What are the first signs of shingles?

Before the red, itchy rash, many people feel burning, tingling, or shooting pain in one area, often on the torso. Fatigue, chills, and headache can also occur.

I'm not a patient at Touchwood Pharmacy Bromley. Can I still be treated for Shingles under the Pharmacy First service?

Of course. Whether you live in Beckenham, Chislehurst, or nearby areas of South London, our pharmacy can help you get started with shingles treatment and antiviral medicine without the difficulty of seeing your doctor.


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