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Who is eligible for the Pharmacy First Shingles service at Touchwood Pharmacy Northampton?

The Pharmacy First Shingles service is available to adults in England aged 18 years or over who have been diagnosed with Shingles. If you’re unsure whether you meet the eligibility criteria, our friendly Northampton pharmacists are happy to discuss your individual circumstances and advise you.

Does this program replace existing shingles treatment options?

No, it provides an additional convenient and accessible option for early-stage shingles cases through our pharmacies located across Norhtampton. Patients from across the region can now access treatment without having to consult their GP first.

I have more questions about the Pharmacy First Shingles service. Who can I contact?

Our friendly and knowledgeable pharmacists are always happy to answer any questions you may have about the Pharmacy First Shingles service. Call or pop in to your nearest Touchwood Pharmacy branch located at NN2 & NN5.

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