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Got a burning, tingling rash on one side? Could be shingles!

Head to Touchwood Pharmacy Odiham (RG29) for the Pharmacy First Shingles service. Early treatment is key! (RG29, Hook, Fleet, Hampshire).

What medications are used for shingles treatment?

Antiviral medications can help shorten the illness and reduce pain. Over-the-counter pain relievers can also provide symptom relief. The Pharmacy First Shingles Treatment service in Odiham (RG29), Hampshire, can prescribe these medicines in cases of shingles in patients over 18 years old.

Worried about shingles even if you never had chickenpox?

Don’t fret! The virus can lie dormant and reactivate later. Age & stress can be triggers. For expert advice and treatment visit Touchwood Pharmacy Odiham.

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