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Do I need to see a doctor for shingles?

Your pharmacist can now help. Visit Touchwood Pharmacy for expert advice and treatment for shingles. Early diagnosis and treatment with antiviral medication can shorten the illness and reduce the risk. Don’t delay, especially if the rash affects your eyes or near your genitals.

Is the Pharmacy First Shingles service available at Touchwood Pharmacy Ramsgate?

Absolutely! Touchwood Pharmacy Ramsgate offers the Pharmacy First Shingles Treatment service. Whether you live in Ramsgate, Minster, Margate, or anywhere else in East Kent, Touchwood Pharmacy are ready to help!

Can I walk in for shingles treatment at Touchwood Pharmacy Ramsgate, or do I need an appointment?

While appointments are recommended to avoid waiting, walk-ins may be possible depending on the pharmacist’s availability. It’s best to call Touchwood Pharmacy in Ramsgate beforehand to confirm availability.

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