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What antiviral medication for shingles is available at Touchwood Pharmacy Slough, Cippenham?

Touchwood Pharmacy, Cippenham offers a range of NHS-approved antiviral medications for shingles treatment. Our pharmacists will assess your symptoms and provide the most suitable medication as part of the Pharmacy First Service. This is so you do not have to wait or go to the GP.

How does the Pharmacy First shingles service work at Touchwood Pharmacy Cippenham?

The Pharmacy First shingles service at Touchwood Pharmacy Slough in Bath Road, Cippenham, is a straightforward process (much easier than going through the GP). Visit our pharmacy, consult with our experienced pharmacists, and discuss your shingles symptoms. Following the assessment, you will receive prompt shingles treatment, including the necessary antiviral medications.

Do you offer guidance on managing shingles symptoms in Burnham?

Our experienced pharmacists at Touchwood Pharmacy, Bath Road provide comprehensive guidance on managing shingles symptoms for residents in Burnham and the surrounding regions. We are committed to supporting your health and well-being during the shingles recovery process.

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