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How can I get treated for shingles under the Pharmacy First scheme in Streatham and South London?

The Pharmacy First Shingles Treatment service is available from Touchwood Pharmacy in Streatham (SW16). Visit the pharmacy for an expert consultation with one of our experienced pharmacists to discuss the possibility of antiviral medicine to treat a painful shingles infection.

Do I have to live in Streatham to access the service?

Not at all. Patients regularly come from Tooting, West Norwood, Wandsworth and Mitcham for treatment under the Pharmacy First Shingles Treatment service. Wherever in England you come from, the treatment service allows you start treatment soon without the need visit your regular GP first.

What if I have additional symptoms or complications beyond early-stage shingles in Streatham?

If your case appears complex or requires further management, the pharmacist at your Touchwood Pharmacy Streatham may refer you on to your GP or local health service in the South London area for more expert care.

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