NHS Service

What can the Pharmacy First service in Odiham do for my sore throat?

The NHS Pharmacy First service at Touchwood Pharmacy lets you skip the wait and get same-day sore throat relief, all in your Odiham neighborhood. Whether you’re feeling the rasp in Fleet, the tickle in Hampshire, or the burn further afield (RG27 postcodes welcome!), our friendly pharmacists (familiar faces to Fleet residents) are trained to assess your symptoms and recommend the best NHS sore throat medication without GP, from lozenges to sprays, tailored to your needs.

Do I need to call ahead for a Pharmacy First consultation at Touchwood Pharmacy?

Calling ahead is recommended, especially if you’re coming from areas like Fleet or surrounding RG27 postcodes, as it helps avoid potential waiting times. Our pharmacists are always happy to answer any questions you may have beforehand, ensuring you get the appropriate advice and treatment quickly upon arrival.

What if my sore throat is severe or doesn't improve after using over-the-counter medications?

If your sore throat is accompanied by high fever, difficulty swallowing, or swollen glands, our pharmacists may recommend consulting your GP for further evaluation. They can also guide you on when to seek immediate medical attention. Remember, Pharmacy First is for common, non-urgent sore throats.

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