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Can I take over-the-counter medication for my sore throat?

Over-the-counter pain relievers like paracetamol or ibuprofen can help manage throat pain and fever. Remember to always consult the patient information leaflets for proper dosage and precautions. Your pharmacist at your local Touchwood Pharmacy in Streatham (SW16) will be able to give you appropriate guidance and advice when taking over-the-counter medicines.

My throat feels like sandpaper and hurts to swallow. Is it definitely an infection?

Not always. While a sore throat is a common symptom of many infections, it can also be caused by irritation from dry air, allergies, or even postnasal drip. However, if your sore throat is accompanied by fever, swollen glands, difficulty swallowing, or pus-like discharge, it’s likely an infection. Struggling to tell the difference? Consult one of our pharmacists at Touchwood Pharmacy Streatham (SW16) for help.

When should I see a doctor for my sore throat?

On previous occasions, your GP would have been your first port of call. Now, with the Pharmacy First Sore Throat service at your local Touchwood Pharmacy Sydenham branch, you can make an easy visit to the pharmacy and get all of the help you need without putting pressure on the GP.

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