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Suffering from a UTI in Camberley, but worried about missing work?

Touchwood Pharmacy’s Pharmacy First service can help save the day. Walk in during our convenient opening hours, and our pharmacists can assess your UTI in no time. If it’s uncomplicated, you could be back to work feeling great much faster than waiting for a GP appointment in Bracknell or Crowthorne.

What exactly happens during the UTI consultation?

Your pharmacist will discuss your symptoms and medical history in a private space. They will provide expert advice on managing your UTI, and can even supply you with pain relief, antibiotics and give advice about self care and at home remedies.

More than just antibiotics! Our pharmacists offer holistic UTI advice

The Pharmacy First service at Touchwood Pharmacy Camberley can supply the medication, our pharmacists go beyond. They provide expert tips on hydration, hygiene, and lifestyle changes to prevent future UTIs and keep you feeling confident and comfortable.


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