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Where can I get help for my UTI in Leighton Buzzard?

Touchwood Pharmacy Leighton Buzzard offers the Pharmacy First UTI service. Walk in during opening hours (no appointment needed!), and our qualified pharmacists can assess your symptoms and offer treatment options. This includes a range of antibiotics, all without having to visit the doctor.

Do I qualify for the Pharmacy First service if I live near Milton Keynes or Luton?

The service is generally available for women aged 16-64 experiencing uncomplicated UTIs where ever you are from in England. Our friendly pharmacists will discuss your symptoms in a private space, conduct a urine test if needed, and assess your case. They can offer advice on self-care, recommend over-the-counter pain relief, and even prescribe antibiotics if necessary.

Is the Pharmacy First service faster than seeing a GP

Often, yes! With our walk-in consultations, you can avoid lengthy GP wait times and trekking from one side of Bedford to the other. Get the help you need sooner.

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