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What are the risks of ignoring a UTI?

Ignoring a UTI can have severe consequences. Untreated infections can lead to kidney infections, sepsis, scarring and chronic UTIs. Don’t delay seeking treatment and head to Touchwood Pharmacy Lichfield for the Pharmacy First Urinary Tract Infection Service and avoid these nasty risks.

How long does it usually take for antibiotics to clear up a UTI?

Most uncomplicated UTIs respond to antibiotics within 3-5 days. Some see relief even faster, within 24-48 hours. But remember, everyone’s different. Speak to one of our expert pharmacists at Touchwood Pharmacy Lichfield if you have any concerns about your treatment.

Can I treat a UTI at home, or do I need to see a doctor?

Don’t let a UTI put you off your stride! If you’re unsure whether home remedies are going to be enough, err on the side of caution and seek professional help. We’re here to guide you towards effective treatment and get you back to normal ASAP. Don’t delay and visit Touchwood Pharmacy Lichfield.

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