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Can I get help at Touchwood Pharmacy Northolt without an appointment?

Absolutely! Our Pharmacy First service allows walk-in consultations during opening hours. No more waiting for GP appointments in Hillingdon, Ruislip or Uxbridge!

What happens during the consultation?

Our Northolt pharmacists will discuss your symptoms and assess your case. They can offer advice on self-care, recommend over-the-counter pain relief, and even prescribe antibiotics if needed.

How can I prevent UTIs in the future?

Drinking plenty of water, wiping from front to back after using the toilet, and avoiding harsh soaps or feminine hygiene products can help reduce your risk of UTIs.
Remember, Touchwood Pharmacy Northolt’s Pharmacy First service is a fast, confidential, and cost-effective way to deal with UTIs in Northolt and surrounding areas.


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