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Feeling the sting in Sydenham? Can Touchwood Pharmacy Sydenham help with my UTI?

Absolutely! Our Sydenham branches offer the convenient Pharmacy First UTI service. Our trained pharmacists can assess your symptoms, provide expert advice, and even prescribe antibiotics if needed – all without needing an appointment. No more trekking to GP surgeries in Forest Hill, Dulwich, or Penge!

How does the Pharmacy First UTI service differ from visiting a GP?

Touchwood Pharmacy offers immediate access to UTI assessment and management without an appointment, potentially faster than scheduling a GP visit. However, complex UTIs, such as during pregnancy or those with other health conditions, may require GP referral. Speak to one of our Sydenham pharmacists to see if the Pharmacy Frist UTI service is right for you.

I'm unsure if I qualify. What are the typical UTI symptoms?

If you’re experiencing burning or painful urination, urgent need to urinate even with little output, lower abdominal discomfort, or cloudy/bloody/strong-smelling urine, you might have a UTI. However, if you’re pregnant, have a long-term health condition, or have had recurring UTIs, it’s best to chat with your GP first.


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