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Feeling the fiery sting in Walsall? Don't suffer in silence! What are the signs of a UTI?

Burning like Bloxwich steel during bathroom breaks, frequent trips to the loo even for a dribble, an urgent need to go that won’t quit, lower belly pressure like someone’s doing jumping jacks on your insides, and cloudy, bloody, or oddly fragrant urine (think bonfire smoke, not fresh bread) – these are the telltale signs a UTI might be setting up camp in your urinary tract.

Forget trekking to Wednesbury or battling Great Barr GP queues! Touchwood Pharmacy's Pharmacy First service is your Walsall lifeline for fast UTI relief.

Walk in during opening hours, no appointment needed! Our expert pharmacists can assess your symptoms, offer self-care tips, recommend over-the-counter pain relief, and even prescribe antibiotics if needed, all without the hassle of long GP wait times.

Living near Willenhall doesn't disqualify you! The service is for women aged 16-64 with uncomplicated UTIs.

However, if you’re expecting, have a long-term health condition, or UTIs seem to follow you like a persistent houseguest, a chat with your GP might be best. Remember, our pharmacists are here to help, and if your case needs extra attention, they’ll guide you in the right direction.


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