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Planning the trip of a lifetime or a holiday in an exotic location can be one of the most exciting things you ever do.

Making time for your travel vaccinations, including the rabies vaccine, may seem less appealing, but at Touchwood Pharmacy in Leighton Buzzard, we offer a comprehensive travel health clinic in a convenient location with appointment times to suit you. With the rabies virus prevalent across many continents, booking your rabies vaccination couldn’t be more important.

The Rabies Virus

Whilst you won’t become infected with rabies in the UK, you may need to consider the rabies vaccine if you are travelling to Africa, Asia, The Americas or Australia. Rabies infection occurs when a dog or other animal infected with rabies bites your skin. Once the skin has been broken, the rabies virus enters the body and enters the peripheral nervous system. From here, it travels to the brain causing brain inflammation. Symptoms begin within one to three months, and once symptoms appear the disease is usually fatal. Rabies is an unpleasant illness, causing violent movements, confusion and loss of consciousness. Vaccination prior to travel is therefore of the highest importance.

Rabies Across The World

Rabies is a neglected tropical disease, with over 17,000 people dying from rabies in 2015. World Rabies Day aims to promote prevention and eradication of rabies, and a successful vaccination programme would aid this. Luckily in the UK it is easy to access the rabies vaccine if you need it, and with our local health clinic in Leighton Buzzard, it has never been simpler to attend for rabies vaccination.

Rabies Vaccination Leighton Buzzard

At Touchwood Pharmacy in Leighton Buzzard, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive travel health clinic under one roof. Our experienced pharmacists can offer health and vaccination advice on tropical diseases from malaria to hepatitis. At your appointment, you can discuss the details of your upcoming trip abroad, enabling you to take advantage of all the vaccinations, including the rabies vaccine, you need to ensure your health is protected whilst you are away. All of our vaccines are competitively priced, and the rabies vaccine costs just £55 per dose.

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