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The last thing you want on holiday is to fall ill.

When visiting exotic locations, you want to be able to soak up the culture and enjoy new experiences, not spend precious days trapped inside your holiday accommodation, or even worse, having to seek medical advice. At the Ramsgate branch of our Touchwood Pharmacy, our experienced staff are available for all your travel health needs, including administration of the rabies vaccine if required.

What Is Rabies?

Rabies is a virus that is carried by dogs and other mammals. It is found in Asia, Africa, Australia and The Americas. The rabies virus is transmitted to humans when an infected animal bites or scratches the person, allowing the rabies virus to infiltrate the body. After this, it usually takes around one to three months for symptoms to appear, and they could include violent movements, an ability to move parts of the body, followed by loss of consciousness. Rabies is difficult to diagnose before symptoms appear, but once the symptoms have started, rabies is usually fatal.

Rabies Virus Worldwide

Rabies is considered to be a neglected tropical disease, and World Rabies Day in September promotes information, prevention and elimination of the rabies virus. In 2015, over 17,000 people died as a result of rabies, most of whom were in Africa. As of 2016, only 14 people have survived rabies infection after showing symptoms. Luckily, the rabies vaccine was developed in the 1960s offering protection to travellers and those living in areas where animals are known to carry rabies.

Rabies Vaccination Ramsgate

Our local Touchwood Pharmacy in Ramsgate offers a travel health clinic in a convenient location. Our qualified vaccine specialists can offer health advice on all aspects of your trip, including advice on whether the rabies vaccine is necessary. You’ll be pleased to know that the rabies vaccine costs just £55 per dose with Touchwood Pharmacy. Our staff can also offer advice on other precautions you should take, or vaccinations you might need as part of your trip. We offer a full range of travel vaccinations including hepatitis, diphtheria, tetanus and polio, giving you the confidence to enjoy your time abroad knowing that you have fully protected your health.

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