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Whether you are planning your gap year, a family holiday, or a round-the-world trip, taking care of your health before you leave Streatham is one of the most important jobs to tick off your list.

At the Streatham branch of our Touchwood Pharmacy, we offer travel vaccinations, including the rabies vaccine, to protect you from illnesses that can be contracted elsewhere in the world.

What Is Rabies?

Rabies is an illness that can be contracted in Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia. The rabies virus is transmitted through the scratch or bite of a dog, or other mammal, including bats. After the bite, it usually takes around one to three months for symptoms to appear. Symptoms can include violent movements, uncontrolled excitement, confusion and loss of consciousness, and once symptoms have appeared, rabies is usually fatal. Rabies can only be formally diagnosed once the symptoms begin. The rabies vaccine is therefore incredibly important before you travel to a high risk area, especially if you will be working with animals, or are likely to come into contact with them. Our qualified pharmacists can advise on whether the rabies vaccine is recommended for your trip.

Rabies Vaccine

Since the 1960’s, the rabies vaccine has been available to UK travellers. We are pleased to offer it at our Streatham branch, where each dose of the rabies vaccine costs just £55. There were over 17,000 deaths worldwide from rabies in 2015, and rabies is considered to be a neglected tropical disease. World Rabies Day falls in September, promoting information, prevention and elimination of the disease. With a rabies vaccine available, this is one vaccination not to overlook before you travel.

Rabies Vaccination Streatham

Our Streatham branch offers a convenient travel health clinic, located on Streatham High Road and with parking available for our customers. Our accredited vaccine specialists will take time to discuss your trip with you, and ensure all of your vaccination and health needs are met, including discussing whether the rabies vaccine is needed for your trip. Travelling across the globe is not risk free, and many travellers will return to the UK with a tropical disease, such as malaria or hepatitis, and our experienced pharmacists are available to give you up-to-date advice on protecting all your health needs whilst you are away.

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