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There’s nothing worse than becoming unwell on holiday, and especially in a country that may have less advanced healthcare services than the UK.

Infections such as typhoid are common in Asia and Africa, and ensuring your health is protected before you travel cannot be advised strongly enough. Our staff at our typhoid vaccination clinic in Bromley have all the information you need to make informed choices about vaccinations and health protection prior to travel.

What Is Typhoid?

Typhoid, or typhoid fever, is a nasty bacterial infection caused by salmonella. It is more prevalent in areas of poor sanitation or poor hand hygiene facilities, and cases are regularly seen in Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. Symptoms of typhoid include a high fever for weeks, loss of appetite, extreme exhaustion and abdominal pains. Eventually, the body becomes emaciated. In 2015, there were 12.5 million cases of typhoid, and if you are travelling to an area where typhoid is endemic then prevention with vaccination is highly recommended.

Typhoid Fever Treatment

Typhoid fever treatment includes oral rehydration therapy, and antibiotics. With the number of cases of typhoid seen every year, it is not surprising that doctors are seeing antibiotic resistance, meaning that some cases of typhoid require more than one course of antibiotics to treat. In cases where typhoid takes a long time to eradicate, patients may experience rashes, an enlarged liver and spleen, or even permanent damage to the bowel. It is safe to say that prevention is better than cure, and at our Bromley branch of Touchwood Pharmacy, we are pleased to offer the typhoid vaccine.

Typhoid Fever Vaccination Bromley

Being prepared before you go abroad is essential, and preparing to look after your health is no different. At our typhoid vaccination clinic in Bromley we offer a full service under one roof. From typhoid to rabies and hepatitis, our experienced vaccine specialists can give you vaccination advice depending on the details of your upcoming trip. They can also offer other travel health information, including your queries regarding insect repellents. We offer a travel clinic that is accessible to all, and ensure our vaccinations, including the typhoid vaccine, are competitively priced. The typhoid vaccine costs just £30 per dose, and provides excellent protection.

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