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When you’re busy planning an exciting trip abroad, finding time to visit a travel clinic for travel vaccinations can be difficult. With our convenient typhoid vaccination clinic in Hanwell, we can help with all your travel health needs with appointment times to suit you.
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What Is Typhoid?

Typhoid is a bacterial infection caused by salmonella. It is endemic in sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia, and anyone travelling to these areas is advised to take precautions including having the typhoid vaccine. Typhoid is an unpleasant illness, caused by contamination of food and drinks with the faeces of an infected person. This usually occurs as a result of poor hand hygiene or poor sanitation in a developing country. Six days to a month after ingestion, symptoms begin and may include abdominal pain, high fever, loss of appetite and extreme exhaustion. Symptoms can last for a month, and lead to severe weight loss. Typhoid can easily ruin a much-needed holiday.

Typhoid Fever Treatment

Treatment involves addressing dehydration with oral rehydration therapies, and treating the infection with antibiotics. Over 12 million cases of typhoid were noted in 2015, and so it is not surprising that some antibiotics no longer work in all cases. If you were to become infected, it may take several courses of antibiotics to get rid of the infection. In rare cases, the bowel can be damaged by the infection, requiring surgery. Prevention is always better than cure, and we can give advice about which countries typhoid vaccination is highly recommended for.

Typhoid Fever Vaccination Hanwell

At our typhoid vaccination clinic in Hanwell, you can be sure of a comprehensive service. Our experienced pharmacists and vaccine specialists can offer advice tailored to your individual needs. Our typhoid vaccine is priced at just £30 per dose, and all of our travel vaccinations are competitively priced to make good travel health accessible to all. From rabies to hepatitis, we can make up-to-date recommendations to help you protect your own health, and that of family members, before you travel. Our local travel clinic is ideally based to make attending for vaccinations as easy as possible, and typhoid vaccination is by far preferable to requiring typhoid fever treatment abroad. Once vaccinated, you can look forward to your trip abroad without worrying about preventable illnesses or infections.

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