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Many of us love to travel, and Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa may be high on your list of places to see.

Whether you plan to travel for a week or a year, one thing you don’t want to allow time for is illness. At our typhoid vaccination clinic in Northolt, you can discuss all of your travel health needs with our knowledgeable staff, giving you peace of mind before you leave the UK.

What Is Typhoid

Typhoid, or typhoid fever, is caused by gut infection with the bacteria Salmonella. It is passed on by ingestion of water or food that is contaminated with the faeces of someone infected with salmonella. Symptoms start from around six days after ingestion, and include high fever, joint pains, abdominal pain and loss of appetite. It can last for four or more weeks, leaving the patient exhausted and emaciated.

Typhoid Fever Treatment

The main treatments for typhoid fever are oral rehydration therapy and antibiotics. In 2015, there were 12.5 million cases of typhoid reported worldwide, and so it is not surprising that resistance to antibiotics is also on the rise. If you contract typhoid that is resistant to an antibiotic, you may need two or more courses of antibiotics to clear the infection. In rare cases, typhoid can cause severe bowel complications. There is a simple way to avoid typhoid; with vaccination at our local Touchwood pharmacy in Northolt.

Typhoid Fever Vaccination Northolt

We aim to provide a travel clinic that is accessible to all, and are pleased to offer convenient appointments in the local area. Our typhoid vaccine costs just £30 per dose, and our vaccine specialists are on hand to provide any other travel health advice that you may require. Our experienced staff can help you identify risks based on the areas you are travelling to, and are happy to provide advice on the phone or in person. We offer a range of travel vaccinations to make protecting your health prior to travel as easy as possible.

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