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You wouldn’t want to take risks with your health at home, and going abroad shouldn’t be any different.

Whether you’re going away for a week or a month, contracting a tropical illness is not something you want to experience. Our experienced pharmacy staff at our typhoid vaccination clinic in Walsall can offer advice on all aspects of travel health for your upcoming trip.
Typhoid Fever Vaccination

What Is Typhoid?

Typhoid is a bacterial infection caused by Salmonella. It is more common in developing countries where sanitation and hand hygiene standards may be lower than in the UK. It is transmitted by ingestion of food or drinks contaminated with an infected person’s faeces. From six to thirty days later, symptoms including high fever, aches, abdominal pains and loss of appetite begin. People with typhoid become exhausted and emaciated.  Typhoid can affect both adults and children, and has the potential to spoil a holiday or trip that you’ve been planning for months or even years.

Typhoid Fever Treatment

Typhoid fever treatment involves oral rehydration to help with dehydration caused by the fever, and antibiotics to eradicate the salmonella. Many doctors have seen antibiotic resistance, and so several courses of antibiotics may be required to treat the illness. Complications including delirium, abscesses and intestinal bleeding have been noted in severe cases. Prevention is certainly better than cure, and visiting our typhoid vaccination clinic in Walsall may be one of the best things you do before you leave the UK.

Typhoid Vaccination Walsall

The typhoid vaccine provides good protection against typhoid, and this protection lasts for two or more years. Our Walsall pharmacy is staffed by vaccine specialists who can advise on every aspect of health protection for your trip abroad. From additional vaccinations including hepatitis, to sun cream and insect repellents, you can trust our travel clinic to give you the most up-to-date advice out there. We aim to make travel health protection accessible to all, and our typhoid vaccine is priced at just £30 per dose. There’s no need to go further afield, our local Walsall pharmacy can help you today.

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