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Avoid One of the Worst Health Risks While Travelling

It is always better to be safe than sorry. That is why travellers are encouraged to make sure they are prepared to avoid any kind of risk that might await them outside of the peaceful native land of Northolt. Many travellers do not realise the extent of those risks especially when travelling to exotic destinations in South America or Africa.One should be prepared to prevent health risks that lurk there in the form of viruses and infections This awareness is our primary goal through our Travel Clinic in Northolt. There are many diseases such as yellow fever, Northolt natives may not be aware of but are highly prevalent in other parts of the world. Yellow fever, in particular, is highly common in South America and African countries where weather and unhygienic conditions lead to similar health issues. A visit to a travel clinic prior to leaving the country can help travellers save themselves and their loved ones from the risk of catching the virus.

What Do You Need to Know About Yellow Fever in Northolt?

As mentioned yellow fever is not common in Northolt in fact it is unheard off but there have been many cases of patients who brought the virus with them after being infected in the country they travelled to. Unfortunately, there is no treatment or cure of the virus yet. Out of more than 2 million cases reported every year, more than 30,000 result in deaths.

Yellow fever is a virus that is carried and transmitted by a specific species of mosquito common in Africa and South America. One bit is more than enough to transmit the virus and the symptoms begin to show within hours. However, since initial symptoms include headache and muscle aches, it can take around six days to properly diagnose the disease even in a country where it is prevalent. This delay in diagnosis is one of the major causes behind the deaths.

So, is it really worth taking the risk?

A single trip to our travel clinic in Northolt can eliminate the risk altogether.

A Trusted Travel Clinic with All You Need

Touchwood Travel clinic is fully equipped with staff and vaccines that can help you make your trip as safe as possible. Other than yellow fever vaccines, we also offer vaccination for hepatitis, cholera, rabies, and all other diseases considered travel risks. Our professionals have been working in this line of work for years and have the qualification and knowledge required to help travellers understand and prepare for the risks in the country they are about to visit.

With our help, you can ensure the best of health and experience for you and your loved ones.

We cater to different areas in the UK. We also have Travel clinic facilities available at Sunningdale and GU15. We do not require any appointment and are open to last minute visits as well.

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