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As many will be aware, Yellow Fever is a disease that causes more than 30,000 deaths every year. It is not a disease you will hear of that often, especially if you live in a healthy and hygienic environment of a well developed country. However, there are hundreds of victims who catch the virus during their trip to exotic places in underdeveloped regions around the world. So if you are a Streatham resident, planning your next excotic trip abroad, be sure to visit our Streatham Travel Clinic for the Yellow Fever vaccine. Before we move on to why you need to visit our travel clinic in Streatham for yellow fever vaccination, let’s shed some light over what the disease is, how it is caused, and how severe it can get.

Things You Need to Know About Yellow Fever

The very first thing you need to know about yellow fever, other than the fact that more than 200,000 people are infected by this virus every year, is that there is no cure for it as of now. The only way you can be safe is through vaccination. Delayed diagnosis is one of the major reasons behind deaths caused by yellow fever. And despite a high frequency of cases, the countries where this disease is prevalent do not have enough medical facilities to diagnose or treat it effectively.

The virus is carried by a specific species of mosquito found commonly in Africa and South America. Surprisingly, the population of this species has only increased during the past few years, and so have the number of cases reported.

Another major reason behind fatalities and misdiagnosis of yellow fever is the early symptoms that are similar to a casual fever. The infected person can complain of nausea, muscle ache, mild fever which get worse within six days. The term ‘yellow fever’ is developed due to another symptom that involves yellowing of skin and whites of the eyes.

Once again, yellow fever doesn’t have a cure or treatment as of yet, and many people tend to die after severe bleeding and coma.

The only way to completely avoid this risk altogether is to visit our Streatham travel clinic prior to every trip outside of the UK.

Complete Vaccination for Yellow Fever in Streatham

At our travel clinic in Streatham, you will find some of the most qualified specialists who can help you understand the probability of catching yellow fever in the country you are about to travel. With their experience and expertise, you can rest assured that you are travelling without any health risks hanging over your head. Other than the yellow fever vaccine, we offer a whole range of travel related vaccinations and medications to ensure a safer and healthier travelling experience for you every time.

Our yellow fever vaccines are available without any prior appointment. Just visit our facility and our professionals will be there to serve and assist.

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