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A CBC Blood Test

A CBC Blood Test is a general blood test that your GP may order to assist with getting a general picture of your overall health.  CBC is “Complete Blood Count” and measures your red and white blood cell count, your platelets, your haemoglobin concentration and the volume percentage of your red blood cells, or your haematocrit. A CBC Blood test is performed by drawing blood from a vein in your arm or sometimes hand and is sent to a laboratory to be analysed. It is a very reliable and well used procedure in medicine.

As a starting point of a larger medical assessment, this blood test can be used to both monitor your general health or explore for certain diseases. An abnormal CBC blood test may indicate such diseases as anaemia or ITP (a platelet disease).  Red blood cell counts are helpful in differentiating the causes of anaemia. For example, indicating the cause could be an iron deficiency or a vitamin B12 deficiency. 

Whilst a general blood test is often part of your regular health care plan, it can also be worrying to be sent for a CBC Blood test for further exploration of any health issues you may be experiencing or any current concerns you may have expressed to your GP.  

At Touchwood Pharmacy, we understand the importance of your peace of mind and offer you this with our discreet and rapid Phlebotomy services, with CBC Blood test results now obtainable from the following pharmacy locations.

Please book in to a Touchwood Pharmacy clinic near you where our team of compassionate phlebotomists will explain every detail of the extraction process to help put you at ease, as well as treat you with the utmost care.

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