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Same-Day Sinusitis Treatment at Touchwood Pharmacy with Pharmacy First

Sinusitis got you feeling like a stuffy, congested mess? Blocked nose, facial pain, and pressure making your head feel like a balloon about to burst? Touchwood Pharmacy is now on the frontline of fighting sinusitis thanks to the revolutionary Pharmacy First sinusitis service.

This ground-breaking initiative empowers our expert pharmacists to diagnose and treat uncomplicated acute rhinosinusitis in adults aged 16-64 directly, without needing a GP appointment. This translates to faster access to relief, reduced pressure on GPs, and greater convenience for you when battling a bout of stuffy misery.

Here's how it works:

  1. Breathe Freely at Touchwood Pharmacy: No appointment needed! Just walk in during opening hours and let our friendly team know you’re seeking sinusitis support.

  2. Confidential Consultation: We’ll provide a private consultation to discuss your symptoms and medical history.

  3. Sinus Sleuthing: Our pharmacists will ask questions and potentially examine your nose and ears to confirm a sinusitis diagnosis.

  4. Targeted Treatment: If acute rhinosinusitis is confirmed, we’ll dispense the appropriate medication, like doxycycline tablets, right on the spot, no GP visit required.

  5. Follow-Up Check-in: We’ll schedule a follow-up call or consultation to monitor your progress and ensure your sinuses are clearing up nicely.

Benefits of the Pharmacy First Sinusitis Service at Touchwood Pharmacy:

Benefits of Touchwood Pharmacy’s Pharmacy First Sinusitis Service:

  • Same-day sinusitis relief: No more waiting for GP appointments or prescriptions to start feeling better.
  • Quick and convenient: Get the care you need without the hassle of a busy doctor’s office.
  • Expert guidance: Our pharmacists are sinusitis treatment specialists, ready to answer your questions and provide helpful advice.
  • Supporting the NHS: Frees up GPs to focus on more complex medical cases.

Remember, Pharmacy First sinusitis is for uncomplicated acute rhinosinusitis in adults aged 16-64. If you experience:

  • High fever or chills
  • Severe facial pain or headache
  • Vision problems
  • Confusion or mental changes
  • Difficulty breathing

Please seek immediate medical attention from your GP or a hospital emergency department.

Touchwood Pharmacy is proud to be one of the first pharmacies offering the Pharmacy First sinusitis service. We’re committed to providing accessible, high-quality healthcare to our community. So, next time sinusitis strikes, don’t stay stuffy and congested! Head to Touchwood Pharmacy and experience the Pharmacy First sinusitis service – your shortcut to clearer breathing and faster relief.

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