Travel Clinic Northampton

Travel Clinic Northampton If you are going abroad it is important to get professional advice regarding travel vaccination requirements and other disease prevention measures. Visitors to other countries often face health issues that they would not normally face in the UK. Travel vaccinations are an important disease prevention measure. Most travel vaccinations have to be taken a few weeks before travel therefore it is essential to prepare your travel vaccination requirements in advance.

Our fully qualified pharmacists are able to offer advice on vaccinations and other travel requirements. Our new travel vaccination clinic in Northampton is able to offer a wide variety of vaccinations. The Touchwood Pharmacy Northampton branch is conveniently located in Kingsthorpe Shopping Centre, in the heart of Northampton. The Northampton branch also has plenty of parking and offers a walk in travel vaccination service.

All our vaccinations are competitively priced and although an appointment is not necessary, we advise you to contact the branch beforehand to ensure that a travel vaccination accredited pharmacist is on duty. The pharmacist will then conduct a travel risk assessment. The risk assessment will highlight what your travel vaccination requirements are. If a particular vaccination is not in stock, the pharmacist may have to order it in for you.

Alongside travel vaccinations, the pharmacist is also able to advise and supply other disease prevention measures such as malaria prophylaxis tablets (anti-malarials). The pharmacist is also able to advise on general disease prevention measures that you may want to consider such as mosquito nets and repellents and sprays.

We can also assist you through our other travel clinics located at various post code areas like GU15 and Sunningdale, Berkshire.

Touchwood Pharmacy
Kingsthorpe shopping Centre
Harborough Rd
Tel: 01604 711524

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