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Acute Rhinosinusitis: Know the Signs and When to Seek Help

Feeling congested, with facial pain, thick discharge, and headaches? These are common symptoms of acute rhinosinusitis, a simple sinus infection. Most cases resolve naturally, but if symptoms worsen, persist for over 10-14 days, or include high fever, facial swelling, or vision problems, consult a healthcare professional. Touchwood Pharmacy Northolt is your one-stop shop for convenient, accessible sinusitis relief in Northolt, Hayes, Hillingdon, Ruislip, Uxbridge, and beyond!

How can sinusitis be diagnosed?

In most cases, a visit to your local pharmacist at Touchwood Pharmacy is sufficient for diagnosing sinusitis. They will take a detailed history of your symptoms, perform a physical examination, and possibly ask you to inhale a nebulizer mist to assess drainage pathways. In some instances, further tests like a nasal endoscopy or CT scan might be necessary for a more definitive diagnosis, especially if complications are suspected.

How Much Does Sinusitis Treatment Cost at Touchwood Pharmacy Northolt?

Good news! If you’re eligible for NHS care, Touchwood Pharmacy Northolt’s Pharmacy First Acute Sinusitis Service is completely free! This includes consultation, assessment, and any recommended over-the-counter medications. If antibiotics are deemed necessary, you’ll only pay the standard NHS prescription charge.


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