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What treatment options are available for sinusitis?

Most mild cases of sinusitis resolve on their own within a week or two with some self-care practices. Over-the-counter medications like pain relievers (paracetamol or ibuprofen) to manage discomfort, decongestants to open up blocked nasal passages, and nasal saline irrigation to clear mucus buildup can provide significant relief. However, if bacterial infection is suspected, antibiotics prescribed by your pharmacist or doctor may be necessary for effective treatment.

Can I Get Treated for Sinusitis at a Pharmacy?

Absolutely! Touchwood Pharmacy Ramsgate’s Pharmacy First Acute Sinusitis Service allows our qualified pharmacists to assess your symptoms and provide the right treatment, right on the spot. No more waiting for GP appointments – get diagnosed and on the road to recovery quickly!

Can Pharmacists Prescribe Antibiotics for Sinusitis in the UK Now?

Yes! Under the Pharmacy First service, qualified pharmacists like those at Touchwood Pharmacy Ramsgate can assess your symptoms and, if necessary, prescribe antibiotics for bacterial sinusitis infections. This saves you valuable time and ensures you get the right treatment quickly.

Remember: While Touchwood Pharmacy Ramsgate can help with many sinusitis cases, always seek immediate medical attention if your symptoms are severe or don’t improve.

Don’t let sinusitis steal your Ramsgate sunshine! Head to Touchwood Pharmacy and let their Pharmacy First Acute Sinusitis Service breathe new life into your day. We’re also here for your friends and family in Margate, East Kent, CT11, and CT12! Spread the word and breathe easy together!


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