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What is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is a condition characterized by the inflammation of the sinuses, typically resulting in symptoms such as nasal congestion, facial pain or pressure, headaches, and sometimes a runny or stuffy nose. It can be caused by viral or bacterial infections, allergies, or other factors.

Can I get NHS sinusitis antibiotics without seeing a GP at Touchwood Pharmacy Cippenham?

Absolutely! Through our Pharmacy First service, we can provide NHS sinusitis antibiotics without the need for a GP appointment. This streamlined service aims to ensure quick and convenient access to necessary medications from Touchwood Pharmacy Slough, Cippenham.

Do you offer Doxycycline tablets for sinusitis at Touchwood Pharmacy Cippenham?

Yes, Doxycycline tablets are among the other over-the-counter treatment options available for sinusitis at our Touchwood pharmacy in Cippenham, Slough. Our pharmacists can guide you on the proper use of this medication and provide additional information on its effectiveness.


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