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What are the telltale symptom of sinusitis?

Facial pain and pressure, especially around the eyes or forehead, are hallmark symptoms. You might also experience thick, greenish-yellow nasal discharge, persistent congestion making it difficult to breathe through your nose, a complete or partial loss of smell and taste, dull headaches, a nagging cough, and a sore throat.

Can You Get Antibiotics for Sinusitis in Sydenham Over the Counter?

Not typically. But here’s the good news: Touchwood Pharmacy’s Pharmacy First service lets our qualified pharmacists assess your symptoms and potentially prescribe antibiotics if a bacterial infection is suspected. This saves you valuable time and ensures you receive the right treatment right away.

Where can I get help for sinusitis in Sydenham?

Don’t let sinusitis slow you down! Whether you’re suffering from sinusitis in Forrest Hill, Dulwich, Penge or even further away, head to your nearest Touchwood Pharmacy and let our Pharmacy First Acute Sinusitis Service breathe new life into your day.


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