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Same Day Sinusitis Relief Near Me in Walsall?

Skip the GP queue! Head to your nearest Touchwood Pharmacy. We offer on-the-spot consultations and treatment through our Pharmacy First service.

How do I get NHS antibiotics for sinusitis without a GP appointment?

Head to your nearest Touchwood Pharmacy! If bacterial sinusitis is suspected, our pharmacists can assess your symptoms and potentially prescribe NHS antibiotics under the Pharmacy First service. Save time and get the right treatment fast. Our Walsall branches treat patients from across the area. So if you’re suffering from sinusitis in Bloxwich, Willenhall, Wednesbury, Great Barr, or beyond, visit Touchwood Pharmacy for the Pharmacy First treatment.

Can I Get Doxycycline Tablets for Sinusitis at Touchwood Pharmacy?

While we can’t guarantee specific medications, our pharmacists can prescribe appropriate antibiotics based on your individual case, including doxycycline if deemed necessary for bacterial sinusitis.

Remember: While Touchwood Pharmacy can help with many sinusitis cases, always seek immediate medical attention if your symptoms worsen, persist for over 10-14 days, or include high fever, facial swelling, or vision problems.

Don’t let sinusitis slow you down! Head to your nearest Touchwood Pharmacy and breathe easy again. We’re also here for your friends and family in Bloxwich, Willenhall, Wednesbury, Great Barr, and beyond! Spread the word and breathe easy together!


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