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Thyroid Blood Test

Thyroid Blood Test – What you need to know

Your thyroid might be small, but it plays a major role in how well your body functions. It’s a small, butterfly shaped gland located in the front of your neck just below your tonsils. It secretes two hormones into your bloodstream called thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). These hormones are

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Earwax Removal

How to remove earwax safely without any discomfort?

The wax in your ears tends to do a great job of taking care of itself. In addition to keeping your ears healthy and protecting your ear canal from damage and debris, it’s also self-cleaning. Once your earwax has dried up, it usually falls out on its own so you

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What is the difference between hepatitis and jaundice?

Your liver is an impressive organ. Located on the right side of your abdomen, it’s the largest internal organ in the human body and performs hundreds of different functions. Some of the most vital of these functions are: Helping your blood to clot Flushing toxins and waste out of your

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Yellow Fever Vaccination in Ramsgate and Northampton

Do we need yellow fever vaccination to travel abroad?

It’s not just covid-19 that you may need to be vaccinated against before travelling to certain countries. Many regions require proof of vaccination against other diseases, like tuberculosis, polio, rabies, and yellow fever. Some countries also require proof of vaccination if you’re arriving from certain regions. If you’re unsure which

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Ear Wax Removal in Leighton Buzzard

Who can benefit from ear wax removal?

Ear wax is essential to your ear health and normally works itself out of your ears on its own. Sometimes, however, it can get lodged in your ear and cause functional problems to your ears and hearing. If you suspect you have excessive ear wax, you need to be careful

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shingles vaccination in Northampton

Can You Get Shingles If You Never Had Chickenpox?

Shingles is a viral infection that tends to occur later in life. It isn’t life threatening but it can be extremely uncomfortable and even painful. It’s caused by the Varicella-zoster virus, the same virus that causes the chickenpox. Like chickenpox, shingles causes a rash to appear on the body. It

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Typhoid Vaccination in Walsall

Who can benefit from typhoid vaccination?

Unless you’re looking to travel to certain regions of the world, you’ve probably never given much thought to typhoid fever. While it was once a serious condition in the western world, most cases in the 21st century occur in developing regions of the world. Typhoid fever is caused by bacteria

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Chickenpox Vaccination

Why is chickenpox more severe in adults than in children?

Some of us who were born before the chickenpox vaccine encountered the viral infection as children. It was an itchy and miserable experience, but we recovered and didn’t have to worry about getting it again. In most younger children, the chickenpox isn’t a major cause for concern. This isn’t the

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