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What are 4 causes of typhoid?

Understanding the causes of typhoid fever

      Typhoid fever is caused by a bacteria called Salmonella typhi. While rare in the UK, it’s still a major concern in several countries around the world and affects up to 20 million people per year. Most cases occur in India, Africa, Southeast Asia and South America. If you’re going to be travelling where typhoid fever is a risk, you should book in for typhoid vaccination in Streatham from Touchwood Pharmacy.

      4 Common Causes of Typhoid Fever

      In addition to vaccination, you need to take precautions against catching and spreading the disease. Typhoid is usually spread through contaminated food and water. It can also spread from person to person or through surfaces an infected person has touched. To help you keep safe during your trip, here are 4 of the most common ways typhoid is spread.

      1. Drinking Contaminated Water: Drinking and using tap water is one of the major methods of typhoid transmission. You should avoid tap water (even for brushing your teeth) and only use/drink bottled water. Avoid drinks with ice cubes in them and don’t let any water get into your mouth when you’re showering.
      2. Eating Raw Food: You need your 5 a day, but eating raw fruit and veg that has been washed in contaminated water will do more harm than good. Avoid eating any salads, raw produce, or raw meat. Your food should be served piping hot and only come from trusted sources.
      3. Buying Food from Street Vendors: You generally don’t have to worry about food trucks and popup restaurants here in the UK, but that’s not the case in developing countries. No matter how good it smells, you shouldn’t buy food from street vendors because of the contamination risk.
      4. Not Washing Your Hands Enough: Use hand sanitiser and wash your hands thoroughly and frequently, even when you aren’t travelling. You should take extra care after using the bathroom, before eating, and after touching public surfaces. If you do become infected, continue practising good hygiene and don’t prepare or serve any food.

      Effective Typhoid Fever Vaccination in Streatham and Sydenham

      To help keep you and your loved ones feeling your best during your trip, book in for an appointment at our typhoid vaccination clinic in Streatham or Walsall. We’ll also provide you with comprehensive and useful advice on staying healthy overseas.

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