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Food Allergy

What to Expect from an Allergy Evaluation

Allergies in the UK are both on the rise and becoming more and more common. People living with allergies have risen by approximately 5% every year since an initial “first wave” of allergic disease around fifty years ago. As of 2012, data suggests that around 1 in 40 children are

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Peanut Allergy Testing

Understanding Peanut Allergy Testing

Peanut allergies are on the rise with more children given a peanut allergy diagnosis each year. It is not fully understood why peanut allergy is becoming more common, but what is agreed on is that the intensity of the allergy is becoming more serious. For some, even just mild exposure

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How to Get an Allergy Test in the UK

Allergies are a very common occurrence throughout the population. In the UK, we have one of the highest rates of allergies per capita in the world with over 20% of the population suffering from one or more allergic disorders.

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How Does a Food Allergy Test Work?

A food allergy is an immune system reaction that occurs soon after consuming a certain kind of food. Even the smallest amount of allergy causing foods can trigger symptoms which can affect different arears of the body.

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What Allergens are Tested for in an Allergy Test?

There are many different types of allergies but the most common ones that are tested for include allergies to pollen, mould, pet dander, dust mites and foods. Touchwood Pharmacy offers allergy testing in Northolt and also allergy testing in Walsall for quick and accurate results to help you manage allergic reactions plus full pharmacy support and guidance for appropriate treatments.

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Who Should take a Food Intolerance Test and Why?

Some people suffer from food intolerances which means their body has a reaction to certain food ingredients and finds them difficult to digest. This can result in unpleasant reactions ranging from uncomfortable to painful and sometimes, on rare occasions, these reactions can be life-threatening.

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The Facts of Food Allergy Testing

There are lots of different types of food allergy tests some which have scientific backing and others which are less recognised by healthcare professionals.  It is important to understand what is available so you can steer towards the allergen test or food sensitivity test which is going to be most beneficial for your problems.  

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Know about allergies: Types, Tests and Prevention

It is not unusual for some people to suffer from mild allergies since they often clear up once the trigger has been removed.  However, persistent allergies which can have unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms may prove particularly troublesome especially when it comes to pinpointing the cause.

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