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Symptoms of Japanese Encephalitis

What Are The Japanese Encephalitis Symptoms In Adults?

Japanese Encephalitis, or JE, is a mosquito-borne virus that causes brain inflammation and belongs to the same genus as yellow fever, West Nile virus, and dengue fever. The first documented case of JE was in Japan in 1871 and each year there are nearly 70,000 cases worldwide. It’s most commonly

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Japanese Encephalitis Symptoms

How to avoid Japanese encephalitis in the summer?

Japanese encephalitis is a serious viral brain infection that can cause permanent brain damage. The virus starts in animals like birds and pigs and is carried to humans through mosquitos who have previously bitten an infected animal. There’s no cure for Japanese Encephalitis so if you’re infected, the only kind

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japanese encephalitis symptoms

When Do I Need A Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine?

Japanese Encephalitis is a viral brain infection caused by mosquito bites. The virus comes from birds and pigs which are bitten by a mosquito that becomes infected and then transmits the disease to humans. Both children and adults are able to contract Japanese encephalitis. If you are looking for the

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symptoms of japanese encephalitis

What are the Primary Symptoms of Japanese Encephalitis?

Japanese encephalitis or JE is a viral brain infection and it is an illness without a cure so if you are visiting parts of the world where it is endemic then you should have a vaccination before you go. Touchwood Pharmacy offers the Japanese Encephalitis vaccination at our clinics in

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