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Mosquito-Borne Diseases: How to Minimise the Risk of Japanese Encephalitis

Japanese encephalitis vaccination

For most people, a mosquito bite is a minor annoyance that goes away after a few days. However, not all mosquitoes are harmless. Mosquitoes can carry a wide range of serious diseases that can leave people very unwell. Some of these diseases can even kill.

Japanese encephalitis is a rare mosquito borne illness that results in brain swelling and inflammation. It’s mostly found in regions of Asia, but cases have been increasingly reported in Australia and Oceania as well. People who become infected may experience severe neurological symptoms, permanent brain damage, or even death.

The easiest way to prevent infection is to take active steps against mosquito bites. There is also a very effective Japanese encephalitis vaccination that can provide even more protection against this deadly disease.

Symptoms of Japanese Encephalitis

Also known as JE, Japanese encephalitis affects people differently. Some may not have any symptoms while others will only feel like they have a case of the flu. These mild cases are the lucky ones. Around 1 in 250 people who are infected will go on to experience more severe symptoms if the infection reaches the brain.

These symptoms include:

  1. High fever
  2. Muscle weakness
  3. Neck stiffness
  4. Seizures
  5. Mental confusion
  6. Tremors
  7. Coma

Around 30% of people who become seriously ill will die. Those who do survive may be left with significant brain damage and/or paralysis.

Preventing Japanese Encephalitis

Anyone spending time in regions where the virus is found is at risk of infection. Extra precautions will need to be taken to prevent mosquito bites from occurring. Doing this will reduce the risk of JE as well as other mosquito borne diseases.

  1. Use mosquito repellent
  2. Wear loose fitting, long clothing
  3. Wear closed toe shoes
  4. Use mosquito nets and screens
  5. Avoid stagnant or standing water

Japanese Encephalitis Vaccination in Bromley and Sydenham

Getting the Japanese encephalitis vaccination will add further protection against infection. It’s still vital that you continue to take precautions against mosquitoes after you’ve been vaccinated. No vaccine is 100% effective and other illnesses can be spread through mosquito bites.

Before your next trip to Asia or Oceania, make sure you visit a travel clinic such as Touchwood Pharmacy. You can also use our online portal to book an appointment for Japanese encephalitis vaccination in Streatham and Walsall. Our experienced travel consultants can help protect you and your loved ones abroad so you can fully enjoy your travels.