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Can dog scratch cause rabies?

Thanks to a popular song, you’ve probably heard of cat scratch fever. Cat scratch fever is caused by a bacteria some cats carry called Bartonella henselae. This bacteria can spread to humans and cause an infection if a cat with this bacteria on their claws scratches. It may not have

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Rabies Transmission: How the Virus Spreads and How to Stay Safe?

Rabies is a preventable infectious disease that causes catastrophic effects on the central nervous system. The rabies virus (RABV) is usually spread through bites and scratches from an infected animal. Rabies can be found in every country in the world but is more common in Africa and Asia. Symptoms of

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How Often Should You Get a Rabies Vaccine?

Rabies is a rare but serious infection that attacks the brain and spinal cord. It takes time for the rabies virus to reach the brain after infection, which can be anywhere from days to weeks to months. It’s important to get treatment as soon as you suspect you’ve been infected

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Rabies Vaccination in Northampton

Everything you need to know about rabies vaccination

It’s not as widespread in the UK as it used to be, but rabies is still a very dangerous virus. Rabies is one of the most serious diseases you can be infected with because it has a near 100% fatality rate once symptoms begin. The virus is spread to humans

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Everything you need to know about rabies vaccination

Rabies is one of the most well-studied diseases in the world yet there are still several myths surrounding it. Because of this, much of the general population has misconceptions about the disease, its treatment, and where it is found. Rabies is a serious infection that impacts the brain and nervous

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Rabies Symptoms

Is Rabies a Disease You Should Be Worried About?

Rabies is no longer as widespread as it once was, but cases do still occur in the UK and abroad. It can be found in every continent and in over 150 countries. Rabies is a serious viral infection that almost always ends in death if it isn’t treated right away.

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Why Getting a Rabies Vaccine Could Save Your Life?

The UK government declared that the country has been rabies-free since the start of the 20th century. According to the government, the country’s last recorded case of rabies was in 2012, but the patient got infected due to a dog bite in South Asia. However, it is still necessary to

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Neurological Disorders After Rabies

The symptoms of rabies inflammation of the brain and this results in physical impairment and mental difficulties like insomnia, anxiety, confusion, agitation, and other abnormal behaviors. If you are traveling to a country where rabies is endemic then contact Touchwood Pharmacy for the rabies vaccine and advice on how to

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Rabies Prophylaxis - Touchwood Pharmacy

Rabies Post-Exposure Prophylaxis…What is it?

Rabies is no longer the widespread concern it once was, but it is still a disease that is almost always fatal in mammals. Rabies is spread most often through bites or scratches from an infected animal. Once infection occurs, the virus causes catastrophic effects on the central nervous system and

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