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Can dog scratch cause rabies?

rabies vaccination in Streatham

      Thanks to a popular song, you’ve probably heard of cat scratch fever. Cat scratch fever is caused by a bacteria some cats carry called Bartonella henselae. This bacteria can spread to humans and cause an infection if a cat with this bacteria on their claws scratches.

      It may not have a song written about it, but dog scratches can also lead to infections. Our beloved dogs spend a lot of their time exploring and walking around on all fours. This leads to dogs getting various germs, bacteria, and even fungi on their feet. If a dog scratches you and breaks your skin barrier, these harmful organisms can enter your body and cause illness.

      Can a Dog Scratch Cause Rabies?

      Rabies is a serious infection that always turns fatal if it isn’t promptly treated. Any mammal is capable of carrying the disease, but it’s most often found in bats, foxes and raccoons. Household pets like dogs and cats can also sometimes become infected.

      Rabies is spread through the brain tissue or saliva of an infected animal. It can only infect you if it gets into broken skin, like cuts, scrapes, bites, or even scratches. While rabies can be spread through scratches, it’s not a common method of transmission. The animal’s nails would need to be covered in saliva before scratching you hard enough to break the skin.

      Most domestic dogs are vaccinated against rabies so it’s unlikely that your beloved pet will contract it and spread it to you. To prevent rabies or any other type of infection, any dog scratches or bites should be treated immediately, even if they seem minor.

      Rabies Vaccination in Streatham and Sydenham

      If your dog hasn’t already been vaccinated against rabies, make an appointment with your vet to ensure your pet is protected. There’s also an effective rabies vaccination for humans, but only certain groups of people will need it. Those who work closely with wild animals or travel in regions where rabies is a risk should book in for a rabies vaccination before any potential exposure.

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