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ear microsuction in Leighton Buzzard

Does hearing improve after microsuction?

Some earwax in your ears is essential to how well your ears’ function. Earwax is produced naturally in your ear canals and, despite what you may think, is very useful. It helps clean your ears and acts as a barrier against dirt and debris that could damage your inner ears.

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ear microsuction

Can microsuction damage your ears?

Most people will need to have excess wax removed from their ears at least once during their lifetime. Ear wax is very important to your ear health and usually, it does not cause any problems. However, earwax can sometimes excessively build up and cause symptoms like tinnitus, muffled hearing, or

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ENT Doctor - Touchwood Pharmacy

7 Questions to Ask the ENT Doctor

If you have been referred to an ear nose and throat (ENT) specialist, you should have questions ready to get the most out of your scheduled visit. Here is Touchwood Pharmacy’s guide to help you get the most out of your appointment.  Do I need an ENT Specialist?  Your GP

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