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7 Questions to Ask the ENT Doctor

ENT Doctor - Touchwood Pharmacy

If you have been referred to an ear nose and throat (ENT) specialist, you should have questions ready to get the most out of your scheduled visit. Here is Touchwood Pharmacy’s guide to help you get the most out of your appointment. 

  1. Do I need an ENT Specialist? 

Your GP has a wide range of skills, but some conditions require more specific knowledge. ENT doctors have special training and equipment when it comes to diseases and conditions of the ears, nose, head, and neck. 

  1. What Should I Expect From My Condition?

You should have an open conversation with your ENT specialist so you have a full picture of what to expect going forward. This could be about prognosis, daily life, and/or treatment plans.

  1. Can You Treat My Condition?

ENT specialists can treat several different conditions such as allergies, snoring, rhinitis, thyroid, and salivary gland problems, headaches, tinnitus, sinusitis, and some cancers. There are only a few of the areas an ENT doctor can help with so check if your condition is one of them.

  1. Which Treatments Are Available to Me?

There may be a few options available to you and you should be fully informed about each of them. That way you can decide which treatment would best fit your life and expectations.

  1. Do You Have Experience with These Treatments?

Some ENT specialists have more knowledge and experience in specific areas. You only want the best care when it comes to your body so you should make sure your treatment is something your specialist has experience in. 

  1. What About Follow-Up Care?

Once your treatment is complete, your GP surgery may be able to provide aftercare. You may also need to see the ENT specialist again or see a different specialist.

  1. Will This Condition Impact My Health in Other Ways?

Your condition, the treatment, and any medications can impact your health in other ways. For instance, ear infections can cause dizziness, jaw problems can lead to headaches, and throat disorders can affect swallowing and speech. It is best to know how your condition can impact your daily life so you are prepared. 

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