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How to Fix Your Earwax Buildup with Just a Few Simple Steps?

Ear Microsuction

Excessive earwax is a typical problem in the UK. A recent study on BJGP Open revealed that approximately 700,000 to two million adults in Wales and England deal with wax buildup.

While you can deal with excessive wax on your own, it would be best to see a GP or a hearing specialist for ear microsuction treatment.

If you plan to have an ear microsuction in Leighton Buzzard or head out to have an ear microsuction in Camberley, here are the things you need to know.

What are the Symptoms of Earwax Buildup?

You may be experiencing earwax buildup if you have the following conditions:

Hearing loss


A feeling of blocked ears

Tinnitus or the buzzing or ringing in your ears


If you have any of these symptoms, you may also get your ear microsuction in Northampton, ear microsuction in Walsall, or ear wax removal in Streatham.

What are the Benefits of Ear Microsuction?

There are a lot of advantages of ear microsuction that the traditional ear syringing method cannot provide. It includes:

  • Clearer view of the inner ear – This treatment uses a binocular microscope to thoroughly see the ear canal and the earwax buildup. This procedure is a safer and more accurate way of removing all traces of earwax.
  • No mess – Unlike the ear syringing method, where you must use ear drops before your appointment, the ear microsuction treatment can begin without messy preparation. It also prevents further mess since the treatment does not require flushing water in the ear. Thus, it will give you a more comfortable experience.
  • Pain-free treatment – Microsuction allows you to eliminate earwax with as little discomfort as possible. It gently and precisely removes wax without pushing water inside your ear canal. In addition, the process is safer and more accurate since medical experts do it.

How to Prepare for Ear Microsuction?

Earwax removal using microsuction techniques uses gentle suction techniques to dislodge and eliminate excessive earwax. Since it can remove the wax without the need to soften it up before the procedure, you do not have to prepare your ears days before your appointment using prescribed ear drops.

You can fix your earwax buildup problem by calling your GP or pharmacist to schedule your ear microsuction treatment. Then, have the procedure done right away to eliminate the discomforts brought by the excessive earwax buildup. You may need several sessions of microsuction, depending on the severity of your case.