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Everything you need to know about rabies vaccination

rabies vaccination

Rabies is one of the most well-studied diseases in the world yet there are still several myths surrounding it. Because of this, much of the general population has misconceptions about the disease, its treatment, and where it is found.

Rabies is a serious infection that impacts the brain and nervous system. Once symptoms start to manifest, the disease is almost always fatal. Symptoms include hallucinations, confusion, mobility issues, and delirium.

There is no cure for rabies, but the rabies vaccine is very effective at preventing the disease if you’re at risk of being exposed.

Myths and Facts About Rabies and Rabies Vaccination

Rabies Isn’t a Problem in the UK

This one is both a bit of a fact and a bit of a myth. The UK has been rabies-free since the beginning of the 20th century, but it can still be found in some bats. Only humans who regularly work with or handle bats are most at risk.

Rabies Is Only Spread By Wild Animal Bites

Myth. Most cases of rabies can be linked to a bite from a wild animal, but it is possible to get infected from domesticated animals. It’s not just bites that spread rabies, though. The disease can also be transmitted through scratches or other wounds caused by an infected animal. In extremely rare cases, it can be spread through the air inside caves with significant bat populations.

Rabies Has No Cure

Fact. A person who is infected has a narrow window of time after infection to prevent rabies. However, even prompt treatment doesn’t mean you’re in the clear and once symptoms start, the disease almost always ends in death.

Rabies Isn’t Preventable

Myth. Rabies is one of the most preventable diseases for both humans, cats, and dogs. Effective vaccines have drastically reduced the number of rabies cases around the world.

Rabies Vaccination in Sydenham and Bromley

Those who are going to be working with wild animals or will be travelling through a region where rabies is a risk should consider getting the rabies vaccine. For affordable and hassle free appointments, contact Touchwood Pharmacy for rabies vaccination in Northampton and Leighton Buzzard. We also offer convenient rabies vaccination appointments in Camberley. Visit our website to find out more.