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Japanese Encephalitis Vaccination for Children: What Parents Should Know

Japanese Encephalitis vaccination in Ramsgate

Each year, children are given routine vaccines by the NHS to help protect them from potentially deadly diseases. In addition to these, there are several recommended vaccinations that parents can opt to get for their children through provide providers like pharmacies. Deciding which additional vaccinations to get for your children will come down to how high their risks are for certain diseases.

Japanese Encephalitis (JE) is a potentially deadly viral infection that most children in the UK won’t be exposed to. The virus is more common in Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, Australia, and India. If your child will be visiting an area where cases of JE are common, you should consider booking them in for Japanese Encephalitis vaccination in Leighton Buzzard from Touchwood Pharmacy.

Symptoms and Complications of Japanese Encephalitis

Around 1% of people who contract Japanese Encephalitis will develop more severe and potentially life-threatening symptoms if the infection reaches the brain and/or spinal cord. This causes neurological symptoms like headache, convulsions, and loss of consciousness. Around a third of people who experience these symptoms will not survive the infection. Symptoms of a more serious infection include:

  • A high grade fever
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Convulsions
  • Confusion
  • Hallucinations
  • Muscle spasms
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Coma

Those who do recover can be left with debilitating and life-long disabilities like epilepsy, brain damage, paralysis, and cognitive impairment. There is no cure or dedicated treatment for JE so getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself and your children from catching the virus and from developing serious complications.

Japanese Encephalitis in Children

The symptoms of JV can often be harder to detect in children. Signs and symptoms to look out for are headache, vomiting, difficulty breathing, and muscle spasms and contractions. Younger children and babies may become irritable and inconsolable with the inability to be soothed.

It’s important to get children seen by a medical professional as soon as possible because studies indicate they may be more susceptible to the virus and more likely to experience neurological damage.

Where Can I Get the Japanese Encephalitis Vaccination in Northolt?

In addition to our Northolt location, Touchwood Pharmacy offers Japanese Encephalitis vaccination in Ramsgate and Hanwell. Before travelling abroad, get peace of mind by booking in with one of our knowledgeable travel specialists.