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What are the Primary Symptoms of Japanese Encephalitis?

symptoms of japanese encephalitis

Japanese encephalitis or JE is a viral brain infection and it is an illness without a cure so if you are visiting parts of the world where it is endemic then you should have a vaccination before you go. Touchwood Pharmacy offers the Japanese Encephalitis vaccination at our clinics in Sydenham and Streathem and we also offer the Japanese Encephalitis vaccination at our travel clinic in Northampton.

What are the primary symptoms of Japanese Encephalitis?
The symptoms of JE are quite similar to those experienced when suffering from flu so a proper diagnosis will take into account recent travel history. Symptoms of Japanese Encephalitis can include:

  • Confusion and disorientation
  • A stiff neck
  • Raised temperature or fever
  • Slow or slurred speech
  • Fits or seizures
  • Body shakes and tremors which cannot be controlled
  • Muscle weakness or paralysis

Symptoms can continue for anywhere from 30 to 90 days and around 1 in every 250 people affected go on to develop more serious symptoms. The infection can spread to the brain and of this group of effected people, around one-third will die from the disease. Those who encounter the most severe form of the disease can take months to recover and may be left with life-changing health conditions and disabilities.

What Causes Japanese Encephalitis?
JE originates in birds and pigs and is spread by a mosquito bite on the affected animal which then introduces the infection to humans when they are bit.  The species of mosquito is called Culex  tritaeniorhynchus and this mosquito is a native of northern Asia and parts of Africa.  Not every person who is bitten by a carrier mosquito will go on to develop JE and the disease cannot be spread from person to person.

Diagnosis of JE is confirmed by taking a blood test which can reveal antibodies anywhere from three to eight days after the symptoms have appeared. Treatment is symptomatic and supportive with serious cases requiring hospital care until they have recovered.

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