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What are the health benefits of yellow fever vaccine?

Explore yellow fever vaccine health benefits

    Nearly 50 countries are considered hot spots for a serious mosquito-borne illness called yellow fever. The mosquitos that spread this disease can be found in rural, urbans, and tropical regions of the globe. Yellow fever has no cure and can become fatal, but it’s also highly preventable with the yellow fever vaccine.

    Those who will be working or travelling in regions where yellow fever is endemic can protect themselves with the highly beneficial yellow fever vaccine. Convenient appointments for yellow fever vaccination in Streatham can be booked online with Touchwood Pharmacy.

    Benefits of Yellow Fever Vaccination

    There are several benefits to getting the yellow fever vaccination in Walsall. Most importantly, vaccination against yellow fever is the most effective way to prevent yellow fever. The highly effective vaccine is also vital toward stopping the spread of the disease in areas where it’s endemic.

    It’s a safe, proven, and affordable single-dose vaccine that can provide lifelong protection against the virus. Side effects from the vaccine are rare and if they do occur, they tend to be short-lived and mild. Full immunity should take effect after 30 days of being administered. However, even if you get the vaccine for last minute travel, it will provide high levels of protection from day 10.

    Getting the yellow fever vaccine also allows you to freely travel to countries where proof of vaccination is required. Countries that currently require this proof include Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, and Mali.

    While not required, many other countries recommend that you get vaccinated due to the risk of transmission. Some are popular travel destinations like Kenya, Panama and Brazil.

    Book Yellow Fever Vaccination in Walsall and Ramsgate Online

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    If needed, our travel clinics can give you any recommended or required vaccines for your destination. We advise giving yourself at least 8 weeks in case you need multiple doses, but we can help with last minute travel as well. For travel clinic services like yellow fever vaccination in Streatham and Sydenham, book an appointment with Touchwood Pharmacy.